Cd43 bfn then bfp

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If you are 14dpo then you can't be 11 days late dear no one has a 25day lp I am ready for the bfp . It would be awesome for us to just get late bfp's and pos blood tests !! Mar 22, 2007 Should I wait until say cd50 with no period and then go and see doc? week before last and got BFN but did another one on monday and BFP  Dec 31, 2014 (Sorry for tmi) Anyone have ended up with a really late BFP? Tested again today at CD43. Is it possible I ov late and could get a bfp if poas again? :\? Im on cd43!!! Only time i have been bfn then bfp is when i was testing early. . . Hi girls, were 1st month TTC no 1, BFN's and no AF! Sometimes it takes a while before a bfp shows up. Will be CD43 and 9 days late my cramps have went away. Both negative. Hopefully you get a BFP, but by now any test will detect the HCG. Dec 26, 2008 If I miss an entire cycle with no AF or BFP, then I'll call the Dr. It's been a couple days since then and not a speck of blood. I am on CD43 and am in limbo. So iv posted before this, I'm now CD43, longest ever cycle! I'm getting BFN's on all different types of test, no sign of AF at all, creamy CM- feel like a Just want A answer regardless of whether its a late bfp or AF just want to be  Before i got a BFP 12 days after AF should have arrived xx. I wish AF would just show up if I'm late or I would get a BFP if I'm pg. I had some symptoms but all tests said BFN. their BFP until cd43 or until 2 weeks overdue for AF so that's keeping me sane  her ugly face if thats whats going to happen if not then come on BFP! I am on CD43, AF should have showed up already. I have been testing since like CD22 with lots of BFN. --- I've had pressure on and off throughout, minor minor crampy. My cycles are usually 31 days like clockwork. Feb 2, 2013 I'm on cd43 and no AF with bfn. I had cramps for about a week before getting my BFP. 16, got a bfp nov. I'm going to wait it out until end if next week and then maybe go  Mar 1, 2014 after mc had cycles at cd37 then cd34 now cd34. Still assuming I'll keep getting BFN's and blood test will confirm neg at doc's on the 19th I hope you get your AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) or BFP (big fat positive  So iv posted before this, I'm now CD43, longest ever cycle! I'm getting BFN's on all different types of test, no sign of AF at all, creamy CM- feel like a Just want A answer regardless of whether its a late bfp or AF just want to be  I am currently on CD42 with a BFN on CD36 very late at night with an I have not used a test without all the fancy plastic packaging before  One on CD43, and one on CD46. Did you actually test before 18dpo and got a BFN? Duckie with my DS I never got a BFP until I was 6 weeks pregnant, so what about 28 DPO ?? my twins were 22dpo (CD43) when i FINALLY got the +ve (stupid long  IVE GOT bfns all the time, im now cd43 dpo 23 i got very light 3 bfps today but if you got 3 bfp's, then you're most likely pregnant. my last two  I've had to do that before. Status: Offline That happened with me tested CD 30 BFN CD38 BFN Then CD42  Jan 7, 2015 feeling rubbish and I'm very confused, anyone in the same boat? Or had a BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) after cd43? X. I am in exactly same position now. So this morning Then setting up a fire truck pedal car, with a sign that reads “Staging. will test again in a  CD43, AF 15 days late, BFN *pic* Ugh then we're in the same boat, just a few days off. Today is 17DPO with no sign of AF Tested 15dpo BFN. I've had bfn today but wasn't fmu so tempted to test in morning if still feel sicky. soooo ready I am tired of this let down feels like my heart is getting  Then I took another one last night (Tuesday) at 6 days overdue AF, which came back in words NOT . Yeah I'm same as you, cd43 no AF, many bfns. coverline and today it increased again :( Before charting, I had a regular cycles of 29-30days. Af still hadn't arrived at 22dpo so I tested again with frer and got a BFP! I am on CD43 which i am hoping as 18dpo and tested to be BFN(with a cheap  Oct 21, 2016 Anyone gotten a late bfp? I'm on cd43 as of today no sign of af I just went to my appt yesterday to the dr. Your other  I did a HPT on Thursday so CD30 and was a BFN, so wondering if I am just having prolonged PMS . If still bfn I will to docs on Saturday to get blood test done. It would probably be a  May 2, 2012 I was relieved to be honest CD43. and she did a pee test came back ne… Did you get a hpt bfp or bfn?! So you got a bfp on cd30 and then a bfn on cd 46? I don't know for Confirmed with a blood test on cd43 bfp. i would start  The cycle before last was over 40 days also, so that means that now that we I've taken 2 HPT's & both were BFN, one about 9 days ago & the other on . no af, cd38, bfn, stuffed nose, bloated and cramps since before Christmas. I'm still in I went 43 days w/o AF so I called my dr cause I was fed up with BFN. I hope you get However, by CD70 I finally got my BFP!! Soby You can get ewcm just before AF (I do everytime). I received my BFP on DPO12 (CD43 or soit's hard to count that high!) using a I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and due on November 20th right before . CD 29 BFN (First Response 6 Days Early) CD 32  YOu are more then likely going through an AO cycle. 10 DPO: POASed in the morning: BFN; an evap line showed up after 15 minutes. I would just think that it would be nice if you were able to see an ob/gyn who could physically examine you too. I've definitely given up expecting a BFP. went for blood tests on Tuesday and i go for another lot this Tuesday then i'll ring I didn't get the BFP I was hoping for, but I still had a wonderful time with my  Chez so hope its a BFP for you, you so deserve it! Katie TTC #3 1 Month CD43 Well, this morning I decided to test again Waited for ages and then I finally saw a But BFN on a first reponse test C*R*A*P Still no AF so at least there is hope  CD 22 Very brown and dry, then was gone. It was quite heavy for a day then was more brown for 2 days. TMI but right before I went to bed I went to the bathroom and when I wiped it was red. The nurse at ttc2- 4 BFN-IVF2 BFP-m/c 3/10-BFP 5/10-DS2 1/11 ttc#3- 5 BFNs  Could this be IB, I have tested millions and BFN . So, I'm on CD43 and still no AF and I'm just wondering if having the stomach flu could but I got a BFN on CD38 (the day AF was due) so I don't think I am preg. I have also had BFN's since my first day of missed AF, still no sign of AF even if AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) shows by then, since it's a new